About introductions and first entries..

I first started wanting to write a blog about two years ago… and for some reason or other (mostly a crushing fear of total failure and ridicule) I kept putting it off. I read and read tips and lists and other blogs and compiled a huge list of what to do and what not to do and what to write and when to write it and how and with whom to promote it…. and the more I read, the more daunting of a task it seemed.

Me (as a redhead)

But then, I jokingly mentioned it to my boyfriend who thought it was an amazing idea and one that I should have started, like, yesterday: “If nothing else,” he said, “you will have a way to keep track of all your crazy projects.” And yes, dear reader, I am something of a project collector, which means I have a long set of skills and hobbies that would earn me the nickname of “Renaissance woman” if only they weren’t all so useless. In fact, you should stay tuned for a side-blog project announcement I’m planning with my friends. Which – if it’s anything like this – could be a few years in the making.

So now here I am, sat at my computer writing a somewhat coherent introduction into the world of madness, disorder, and constant rambling that is my head.

(With the amazing man who has been dealing with my crazy for a little over 5 years now)

In this blog you will find recipes for food and cosmetics, instructions for crafts, last minute gifts, long-winded narratives, tidbits of useless information and fast-facts you can pull out at parties and sound like a total nerd, and maybe bits and pieces of the mess that is me put into carefully crafted words and articles.

Thank you for daring to come along,



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