Semi-homemade Soap

Okay, so I have a terrible, awful confession: I’m terrified of lye. Yeah…
I know, I know… “With the proper precautions it’s safe and you end up with a soap you have made all by yourself, isn’t that neat?” Well, yeah… but still, lye. Highly-corrosive-can-cause-burning lye. And so, I haven’t managed to talk myself into taking that jump.

Thankfully for me and all the other scaredy-cats of the diy-world, there is microwavable soap base or – as it’s most commonly known – “Melt & Pour Soap Base”. If you want some you can just pop over to Amazon real quick and you will find tons of varieties and options of different soap bases you can choose from.

So this week I’m telling you about what I would call a “cheat version” of soap. Just toss a few ingredients together and voila – soap that will smell nice and be good for you. It’s also a good way to jump into cosmetics without buying all the ingredients.

Some of the soaps I’ve tried are:

  • Coconut oil + tea tree essential oil + bentonite clay (good for oily skin)
  • Shea butter + lavender essential oil + oatmeal (for sensitive skin)
  • Coconut oil +  coffee + bergamot essential oil
  • Coconut oil + rosemary essential oil + mint essential oil
  • Shea butter + lavender essential oil + bergamot essential oil
  • Shea butter + wintergreen essential oil + red food colorant (for this mix your butter and wintergreen oil with the base, pour into your mold and then add a drop of food colorant. Mix quickly and lightly with a toothpick for candy cane-like soap for Christmas.) (This soap is also good for achy muscles)

To do the soap you just melt your base, add the ingredients and then pour it into molds (I prefer silicone ones just because it’s easier to pop the soap out when it’s done, but any soap mold will work.) Be sure to pour fast, since the base sets quickly.



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