The Long Game of Long Distance

One of the things very few people realise about long distance relationships, even people in long distance relationships themselves, is the amount of talking you end up doing. Talking is great, don’t get me wrong. There is a certainly a value in having to learn to express love and connectivity through words, facial expressions, and silly emoji use. It is also worth noting that hardly anyone ever talks that much in a relationship without buffer activities: You make dates specifically to talk, and with the constant connectivity that technology has offered us couples are definitely talking more. However you talk around dinner – with pauses for the waiter and the eating; you talk after the movie you just saw; you talk in the car – with pauses for actual driving…. You get the idea. There’s buffers.

The thing about long distance relationships is that sometimes you stop at the talking. You call each other on Skype or FaceTime and over the phone and talk and talk and talk. And it is wonderful – living in different in places and leading different lives you often have a lot to talk about; places you discovered, your day-to-day, people you know and haven’t seen for a while, people you’ve met… It also sometimes means that you don’t really know what to talk about.  Work was not interesting, you didn’t really meet anyone or saw anything interesting and, really, how many times can you talk about your daily routine before you want to poke your eyes out?

During those times playing a game or two can help brighten the mood, lighten things up, and spark a playful conversation, a competition, and let you have fun in the process. Here are some ideas:


Get this template here.

Play a board game

Choose a simple one you can both get access to, there are lot of templates online for classic board games (you can get the Battleship template in the picture right here), as well as sites with online versions of the games.  

Play Truth or Dare

You can get as crazy as you want here. Add drinks. Make each other do crazy things, ask weird questions like how many pairs of underwear they own (actually make them count). Keep it light and silly.

Exchange silly selfies 

Make a game out of sending weirder and weirder selfies. Dress up. Use filters. Go to fun places and get creative with captions. Make each other guess your location from just the bits and pieces of background in your pictures.

Play the Newlywed Game 

Choose the questions you will answer together and then give each other a few minutes to answer. Compare your answers and see how many each of you got right. Find some ideas here (Make it more fun by adding a price for each one they get wrong, eg. losing an item of clothing or having to put on a costume)

Maybe you make up a game yourselves and it’s the silliest, most complicated, weirdest game ever. Most importantly, have fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Tell me what you’ve tried in the comments!



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