My Dad’s Waffles

Every one has that one (or a few) recipe that instantly make you think of them, the one they make the most, or eat the most, or make only in really special occasions but is always amazing. For my dad, it’s his waffles. Not just his waffles, though, both he and my mom are amazing cooks – probably part of the reason why my siblings and I all enjoy cooking so much.

But, seriously, my dad’s waffles. They are bouncy and sweet and just crisp enough. They are so good I sometimes don’t even add honey when I eat them. You know what the weirdest part of it all is? He doesn’t like waffles. For years, this man has been getting up early on Sunday mornings and cooking up a batch of perfectly tasty, amazing waffles that will make the whole house smell like love and cinnamon…. and then making himself an omelette or a sandwich because they are just not his thing. Weird, huh?

Kinda. But we love him anyway.

So what’s so special about his waffles? (Aside from the fact that they smell and taste amazing?) They are simple to make, which for my dad, unlike my mom, is a feat. You need a few ingredients and a bit of patience, but it’s not like making a soufflé.

Not pictured: A shot of strong espresso, an egg, some salt,  butter, and milk.

The real trick is sifting your flour, mixing it well with your baking powder and beating your egg whites (and then folding them in, don’t mix them. Everything else is for flavor and can be added or skipped as you please.

Another dad trick is not closing the lid on the waffle maker until a few bubbles start to show up on your mix (sort of how you wait for bubbles before flipping a pancake).


Now, do yourself a favor and go prepare some of these!

[Vegan version below]

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 12.09.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 12.12.55 AM



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