Chilaquiles or the Best Mexican Dish Ever

Mexican cuisine is the absolute best… it also mainly consists of creative ways of using tortilla, salsa, beans, dairy, and some type of meat. Tacos? Tortilla and meat. Enchiladas? Tortillas, salsa, chicken, and cream and cheese for dressing. Tostadas? Tortillas, chicken, beans, salsa, and cream and cheese for dressing. You get the idea.

But my absolute favourite recipe are chilaquiles. They are super customisable, easy to do and absolutely delicious. They are also great hangover food and relatively cheap. And! They can be made vegan without much effort at all.


What you need: tortilla chips (bought or you can cut corn tortillas into small triangles and toast them in the oven at 350º F for about 10-15 minutes – single layered in a baking sheet), salsa (either green or red works here, I personally prefer green), pulled chicken or sliced mushrooms, refried beans as a side, and cream, cheese and fresh cilantro if you want to add some garnish. Then you toss everything in a plate and eat it.


I prefer them completely submerged in salsa but served (and eaten) right away for the chips to still be crunchy. My boyfriend also likes them submerged in salsa, but prefers them to be slightly softer when he eats them.

The most important part of the dish, though, is the salsa. If your salsa is good, your dish will be delicious, if it’s not that good… well…

Luckily it is also super easy to make:

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.29.18 PM


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