November Plan with Me

For a few months now, I have been sharing my bullet journal on Instagram. For years (basically since I started bullet journaling) my friends have been encouraging me to do this exact thing and so on April this year I finally listened.


It has been an interesting experience, to say the least. It also has forced me to actually keep up with my journal and not abandon it as soon as the school year starts getting busy – which is good, because it is kind of therapeutic to journal for 20-30min every day and it is good to keep track of assignments and dates when my brain is stress-mush.

It has also been good, I’ve noticed, for my bullet journal as I’ve managed more and more to stay consistent to my theme and colors and have started to experiment more on what I use to create my spreads and the layouts I like.

With all that being said, let’s get on with November planning and generally talking about how I set up my months:

I start with a quote: 

The quote helps to set next month apart from the previous one, it also usually has something to do with where my head is at at the particular moment when I write it. For me, it sort of sets the tone for the month. Most of this year, the quotes have been centered around trusting the process and hanging in there. Sort of a “things that you work for will happen.”

This month I chose one of my favorite quotes from CS Lewis.

Next comes the cover: 

For the cover I keep it pretty simple. Just the title of the month and a quick doodle that illustrates what my theme and colors will be. But for November I did not want to just draw the same three mushrooms over and over throughout all my spreads, and so I went Pinterest browsing. (What thesis-writer doesn’t have time to do that, right?) Eventually I came across vintage botanical prints and I settled on using that style for my own cover doodle. Not to say that my doodles this month are at all accurate – they’re probably not, plus they don’t have names. BUT! At least I will not be repeating the same illustration the whole month.

By the way, you can get a free printable version here

Then I have my monthly calendars: 

A list version where I actually write appointments and to-do’s and a calendar version, which I use to quickly keep track of what date falls on what day.


My expense tracker:

IMG_5556 copy.jpg

And finally my habit tracker:

IMG_5557 copy.jpg

I add some extra spreads like my yoga tracker (which is basically some squares with the Yoga with Adriene videos for the month) and my Instagram planner (again, a calendar where I write down what I’m sharing – or planning on sharing each day.)

How do you set up your months? Is it the same every month or do you you change it?

Get a free printable version of my November cover here. TODAY ONLY.


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