Vegan Broccoli Edamame Salad

You know how when you're young you hate awesome ingredients for no reason at all? I had that and all of the ingredients in this salad were on that list. They were too green and too healthy and too nutty and I didn't want anything to do with any of them.  Then either I grew … Continue reading Vegan Broccoli Edamame Salad


Vegan Carrot “Tinga”

As I've previously mentioned, I belong to that certain corner of the internet (world) that has tried to embrace eco-friendliness. From taking shorter (and fewer) showers, producing less trash, recycling, not using/buying unnecessary stuff, avoiding certain chemicals in cosmetics and cleaning supplies... to eventually considering veganism as an option. Now, actually being a vegan is … Continue reading Vegan Carrot “Tinga”